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Before you can be really happy anytime you want to be happy, it’s helpful to understand a few things about happiness. Here are key concepts to know:

  • Understand that we move through our day trying to feel “better.” In other words, everything we do, we do to feel “better.”
  • We believe some degree of happiness is on the other side of  feeling “better.” In the very least, we think we’ll find relief.
  • Better comes two ways: short-term-solution better and long-term-solution better.
  • When the solution to feeling better is aligned with what you want, you’re happy.
  • Happiness is your indication you’re on a good path for you. You feel good, things are easy and you’re in the flow.
  • Unhappiness is your indication you’re on the wrong path for you. You don’t feel good, etc.
  • Only you can decide what feels good for you.

By understanding these key concepts about happiness, we can create happiness with these six steps:

1. Know what you want. Ask yourself, “what do I want?”

2. Be aware of how you feel. What’s your mood or attitude?

Do you feel good/happy/love/joy/content/sad/overwhelmed/frustration/anger?

3. Do you feel good? Yes, do more of whatever you’re doing!

Do you feel negative emotion? Ask yourself the following questions:

What can I do to feel better?

Is what I am doing going to make me feel better?

What can I change about myself right now to feel better?

How can I help myself to feel better?

4. Is the answer (solution) you come up with aligned with what you ultimately want? (refer to step 1)

Imagine how your possible solution feels. Does it feel good and move you toward your goal?

Yes – Do that!

Does it feel bad?

Yes – Don’t do that! It won’t make things better and it will move you away from your goal.

Remember, only you can decide what feels good or bad for you.

5. Understand, sometimes the easy, feel good path seems like the harder path to take, at first.

6. Stay on the good path at much as you can. The more time you spend on the easy, feel good path, the faster you will get what you want and the more happiness you will have.

Happy works like this: The more you feel better, the more you feel good. The more you feel good, the happier you are. When you are happy, you’re not pinning your happiness on someone else or something in the future.

Happy happens because you created it with in yourself.

When we are feeling positive feelings, we act in positive ways that are good for us. We do things that serve us. We get positive results in our life. When we see positive results in our life, we feel even better about life, the universe and everything, and we create a happy, positive feedback loop.

When you choose to stay on the better, feel good path, you get these results:

You get unstuck.

You get out of your own way.

You stop beating yourself up.

You stop self-sabotaging yourself.

You stop criticizing yourself.

You stop punishing yourself.

You stop feeling like shit.

You make better choices about what you eat.

You lose the fat off your body.

You love yourself more and more. What’s better than love?

Does this make sense to you? What to talk about it? Do you want help? Reach out to me – Join my private Facebook group here.

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