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Only in until we except our current circumstance can we choose another reality for ourselves and plot a course to get there.

We have associated acceptance with giving up, submission and or resignation.

Think about it.

If someone gives you a gift, what is your response? Do you feel you need to reciprocate? Do you need to give them a gift in return? Do you need to send them a thank you note? Do you need to remember them at Christmas or on their birthday? Do you feel obligation upon acceptance of the gift?

Giving in or giving up is not what acceptance is. When we accept our current condition for what it is without judgment, we are in the present moment.

Acceptance happens without opinion. Acceptance is neither negative nor positive. It happens without any label at all.

Being present is accepting what is as it is.

A judgment or opinion is a story we’ve created about someone or some thing. When we have an opinion about something, we usually are very clear about how it got to be the way it is and how to fix it. It has a past and a future.

For example:

The situation: “Oh look. There’s Mary’s kid throwing rocks at other kids on the playground.

Here comes the past: “Mary doesn’t discipline that kid. She’s not a good mother. “

Here comes the future prediction: “If she doesn’t control him, that kid is gonna end up in juvenile detention.”

When we accept what is happening right now we are being in the present moment.

When we are in the present moment, we can look at a situation for what it is and we can stay the course or choose a new one.

When we are present, time stands still, we are in the zone and we have the space to decide if what’s going on is what we want.

If we aren’t satisfied, we can choose to create a new future by imagining and believing in a new reality for ourselves.

[blockquote cite=”Elizabeth Pearch” type=”center”]When we believe in a new reality for ourselves, the power and motivation to change comes from within us and change is permanent because our belief system has changed within our core. We have ownership and responsibility for our actions and the results we get in our everyday lives.[/blockquote][x_share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true”]