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Yesterday, Bill (the hubs) and I went for an easy walk up the north side of Eagle River near where we live.

We didn’t have much with us: no snacks, no water and I didn’t think we’d be gone long because Bill didn’t say anything about an extended hike.

This was the second time we’d hiked this part of the river and I was jabbering at him while we walked. When we crossed a little creek, I realized we hadn’t walked this far back up the river.

creek flowing into Eagle RiverWe had Mocha with us. She’s our brown dog. She’s nearly 15 and not really into long hikes anymore. Another reason I thought this walk was going to be a quicky.

I was a little concerned about grizzly bears or small black bears or maybe a hormonal moose, but Mocha is a great wild-animal-early-detection-warning device.

As we hiked up the river, we got deeper and deeper into nowhere: no houses, no people, no nothing. Then it started to drizzle, just a little, and that was really no biggie. We both had jackets and we’re in Alaska. It rains here a lot and if you wait for sunshiny days to go outside, you might wait a long time.

After a while, we met two women with two dogs coming back down the trail and we asked what the trail was like and where it went. (Bill and I didn’t have boots on, so wetness of the trail was a factor for continuation of the hike.) They told us the trail went along for a while and then it looped back to itself like the eye of a needle and it wasn’t wet at all.

Okay, Bill and I confirmed with each other, we’ll continue.

We marched (hiked) on until we got to a bluff and a blue tent (What the expensive tent was doing there late Sunday evening, I don’t know.) and we took the right fork of the path the women we met suggested we take.

Eagle River Oct 2016We came upon a huge, beautiful bluff overlooking the river and it was spectacular. What a treat.

We continued following the trail until we came to what we thought was an intersection. We had to choose to go right and follow what could have been a trail? – we weren’t sure because we couldn’t see any trail markers – or continue on the path before us down a really steep decline.

Bill wanted to go down the hill even after I pointed out, being the excellent tracker I am, that no dogs or people had left scramble marks on the path; meaning, the women with their dogs, did not take this trail.

Bill dismissed this information and headed down the hill. Mocha and I followed.

At the bottom of the hill, the path continued into picturesque, open spruce and birch forest. It was lovely, peaceful and we could see through the trees for large, wild animals – this was a plus!Birch forest in Alaska

(It’s disconcerting to hike through thick brush where bears can jump out and eat you before you can see them coming and take evasive action.)

But the path disappeared. There was nothing: no markers, no flagging, nothing. This did not deter Bill and he marched on through the moss, lichen and fall vegetation.

A side note: it all smelled wonderful. I love the smell of fall.

This was our conversation:

Me: Bill, I’m getting really hungry and I hope you know where you are going cuz I’m gonna to go Donner Party on your ass if we get lost.

Bill: Why are you so hungry? You can eat Mocha.

Me: I’m not going to eat Mocha! I’m hungry cuz I’ve hiked 47,000 miles this weekend on a salad and a cheese stick. I need food. Are you sure where you’re going?

Bill: (silence – He stops.)

Me: How about you pull your phone out, look at the compass or the Google machine and do an Eagle Scout? (He is an Eagle Scout.)

Bill: (pulls out phone… We did happen to have cell service here in this part of the wilderness.)

The Google map helped a little and Bill said we should go this way. With the new info from the phone, I said we should go that way. I have a very sophisticated sense of direction, far exceeding Bill’s. Plus, I was starving and it was getting late and this boosts my homing instinct.

I headed off into woods and Bill followed my lead. I course corrected as I went along, according to my internal compass, we climbed two smallish ridges, and eventually, we popped out onto the main trail.

Yay for me!

However, we had gone in a complete circle. No kidding. We were twenty yards on the path from that expensive blue tent by the bluff.

We had been lost in the woods. It was getting dark. It was raining and I was hungry. All around bad situation.

In all fairness, Bill was probably hungry too. It was well past dinner time.

Do you remember watching a movie or TV show where people get lost and they walk around in circles? I always thought, Really? How could they walk in circles? Are they just not that smart?

Well, going in circles really happens. It happened to us and we are seasoned outdoorsey types. Yah.

What an eye opener for me! We were unprepared to traipse off for miles in unfamiliar territory. We were never in any real danger and we had our phones with us, but things could have turned real bad, real fast.

So why am I telling you this story?

Well, it’s a good one. I like telling stories and I can use this as an analogy for the importance of getting accurate, reliable information, guidance and preparation for a new endeavor.

When we turned our quick walk into a multi-mile hike without really knowing what was head of us, we could have gotten in real trouble, and as it was, we were out for much longer than we were prepared for.

No harm, no foul. But was it smart? Probably not.

This is my message:

I’m here to help you navigate your path to health and wellbeing. It’s what I do and I’m really good at helping women create the life they want.

I totally understand where you are now. I’ve been there. I’ve travelled this path. In fact, I’m breaking trail for you right now. And with my knowledge and experience, you’ll have the opportunity to far exceed my success with your own. Let me help you carve years of trials, tribulations, and suffering off of your journey.

This is my offer to you.

Schedule a mini-session and we’ll get started. Click here.

Bill, Mocha and I got back to the truck slightly damp, very hungry, thirsty, tired and schooled. I won’t go into the woods that unprepared again. It’s not worth the risk. After dinner we hopped into the hot tub time machine to warm up and all was right with the world. Below is a video of the wildest creature we saw in the forest: Mocha pointed him out.

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